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Kaqun gel can help accelerate skin regeneration in many cases, including:

  • cuts and burns
  • abrasions
  • wounds and other skin disorders

It can also help with degenerative skin conditions due to a lack of oxygen.

The scientific basis of Kaqun water

KAQUN water is the only currently known water to have demonstrated medical, scientific results from research carried out on healthy volunteers.

It is a unique, new product which is able to significantly reduce hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the body) with no side-effects, acting purely with its extremely high molecular oxygen content.

The water is produced using a proprietary process and has been scientifically proven to increase oxygen absorption by the body. As a result of the production process, KAQUN water holds oxygen in a stable form with a concentration of 18-25 mg/l, which is many times that of normal drinking water.

Kaqun gels

Kaqun water is the only basis for Kaqun gels, allowing your skin to absorb exceptionally high levels of oxygen Kaqun gels contain no chemical products and no oxygen is added from an external source by injection or any other means.

The modified molecular structure of the KAQUN water in Kaqun gels facilitates the absorption of the excess oxygen by the skin and can thereby greatly reduce any symptoms of hypoxia, stimulating your skin's metabolism and restoring the freshness of youth.

A unique electrolysing technique is used to bring about a structural change in the spring water on which Kaqun gel is based. The key result of this change is that oxygen atoms are freed up and split into much smaller clusters, making the oxygen far easier to absorb through the cell membrane.

In this manner, Kaqun gel and water are able to contain 18-20 mg of oxygen per litre, 6 to 8 times the normal oxygen content in water. The gel retains this high level of oxygen content over time, and releases it quickly and easily to skin cells when applied.

Ongoing research

Based on the fact that tumours cannot develop in an oxygen-rich environment, scientific research is currently being conducted with oncologists in Hungary.

You can download reports of recent research here.

Below 7 Hgmm of partial oxygen pressure, the development of tumour cells accelerates and angiogenesis begins (growth of new blood cells from existing blood cells). Below 2,5 Hgmm tumour cells resist chimotherapy and xray therapy.

However, the multiplication of tumour cells slows considerably in the presence of a high level of oxygen.

The results of this research will be made available shortly.

More on the role of oxygen


The structure of water

Water (H2O or H-O-H), gathers together in clusters with differnt links. Of course, water contains the oxygen that our body needs to function properly, but the size of the clusters defines how easily the oxygen can be absorbed by the body through the cell membrane.

When a cluster is small and of a specific shape, it penetrates the cell membrane easily and feeds more oxygen to the cell.

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