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The role of oxygen in maintaining healthy skin

All the processes in our skin require oxygen to function properly (epithelization, production of melanine, glandular functions, etc.). A high level of oxygen stimulates healthly skin processes and increases the skins ability to regenerate itself.

Oxygen replacement and metabolism deteriorate with age, epithelization slows down, the skin's elasticity decreases and new skin fibres are not produced.

Agressive external factors such as the sun's radiation, free radicals and pollution worsen this phenomenon.

KAQUN gel offers a solution

Use the gel regularly, at least once a day, applying a thin layer to the face or body. Then relax for 15-20 minutes to let the gel take effect in the best conditions.

KAQUN gel is suitable for all skin types and has no side effects.

The scientific basis and research behind Kaqun water and Kaqun gel



  • Apply a thin layer of KAQUN gel once a day
  • Relax to optimize the regeneration process
  • May be applied to the face and body on all skin types

There are absolutely no artificial products in KAQUN gel and it can only improve the health and quality of your skin!

Kaqun gel

KAQUN Gel / odorless, 100 ml
Special price: 36€


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