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Our skin needs a regular renewal process

Modern life increasingly deprives our body and skin of the oxygen which is essential to their development and good health. Pollution, aggression from the environment, cosmetics and all the other daily strains our skin is subjected to deteriorate the quality and the renewal of our skin cells, not to mention the many disorders and illnesses which can ensue.

Kaqun gel is the result of Hungarian scientific research and is based on the extraordinary Kaqun water, which has very high oxygen content thanks to a proprietary electrolysing technique. Kaqun gel offers a 100% natural solution to many skin problems, against which it is exceptionally effective.

The power of oxygen

Kaqun gel makes it possible to bring significantly more oxygen to the skin, restoring its elasticity and overall health. This is possible because Kaqun gel is the only gel of its kind that actually contains a molecular modification of the oxygen, which ensures it is absorbed by the skin and doesn't simply evaporate like most similar gels.

The oxygen helps the skin's metabolism regnerate faster, and restores the magic of its youth. It can help against persistant problems such as rashes, abrasions, skin degeneration, ulcers, etc.

There are no artificial or chemical products in the gel and it is suitable for all skin types.

More on the role of oxygen

The scientific basis and research behind Kaqun water and Kaqun gel



  • Accelerates cellular regeneration
  • Effective against fungus, burns, abrasions, wrinkles and many other skin problems
  • Powerful after sun treatment

A 100% natural way to bring youth back to your skin and complexion!

Kaqun gel

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